Most bingo players play bingo for two reasons: it’s lots of fun, and nothing beats the feeling of winning lots of money. But did you know there is much more to just play? Recent studies have shown those people who play bingo experience more advantages that most players realize.

The bingo players experience of the advantages of playing is almost endless and includes mental, psychological, social and monetary advantages. Researchers are increasingly interested in investigating the effects they regularly play on bingo players.

Researchers have proven that playing bingo keeps the minds of bingo players younger for longer! To play they need visual skills, to explore their cards and dial their numbers as quickly as possible, as well as quick hand-eye coordination. Previous researchers have thought that the above skills decline as people get older. This is not always true. These age-related skills partially decline due to a lack of use. By playing regularly, players have a greater chance of maintaining their alertness.

Other results proved that bingo players scored higher and were faster and more accurate in testing than people who do not play. Older bingo players had exactly the same mental abilities as there younger counterparts, and both groups reached the same level of performance. The only difference between the two age groups was that the younger participants were faster, and the older participants were more accurate.

Better news is that older bingo players do not need to exercise so much if they play bingo. Other researchers have proven that by regularly playing keep players minds adjust and the older they are, the more agile their minds are.

Some other results revealed that social activities, such as going to bingo halls or online bingo sites to play, are just as good for players’ health as exercising.

Studies on the psychological benefits of playing bingo can regularly improve the social status of bingo players, sense of value, Social interaction as well as productivity.

Research on the circumstances of the elderly in old age homes proved that the opportunity to play bingo helped some bingo players escape from their depression, a common illness in homes. Going to the halls or bingo websites to play is also a great way to socialize and meet new people. There are many stories of widows or widowers and other singles who met their soul mates in the halls, or even in online bingo chat rooms!

It is also a great way for lonely people to meet new friends and leave the house. They can relax and interact with people who share the same passions and interests as them.

Last, But one of the biggest reasons surely people play, is winning. Bingo players love winning money and various prizes. Bingo players say winning is a rejoicing feeling and they will keep going back to getting more of that winning feeling!

So having a long, satisfied life, bingo players must ensure they play bingo regularly!

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